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Truck Talk: Matching your tow vehicle to your trailer

Sometimes buying a vehicle is exciting! And sometimes it’s like being engulfed whole in a nauseating cloud of hopeless self-doubt for, what might amount to, the worst months of your life. Let’s begin! Let’s talk trucks. Unless you’re lucky enough to already own a large truck, you’re going to need to acquire one (or something [...]

Paring Down Before Going Tiny: Tips towards a less-cluttered, happier home.

We know, paring down sucks! Getting rid of our stuff was hard because we spent money to be that way. It took effort; we chose it. We bought things and then crammed our homes full, placing arbitrary levels of value on paper, clay, and cotton. We hoarded. When we are convinced that bigger is better, that [...]

The Newbie Guide: What to Look and Watch out for When Buying an Old Airstream

  Buying your first Airstream can be seriously overwhelming. It’s a big purchase and there’s so much to consider. If you don’t know where to begin, believe us, we’ve been there. Here’s a list of the top 8 things you should be looking for. INTERIOR 1. Solid Subfloor Let’s start with one of the most [...]