About Nate

Nate graduated Indiana Wesleyan University with bachelor’s degrees in Creative Writing and English. He has a lot of experiences in life – ranging from contracting to teaching high school, but his ultimate goal is to be a full-time writer. He has a passion for traveling so he would love to be a dirtbag and write about it.

Nate had a goal of building a tiny house for over 10 years. His original plan was to build a tiny house and bum around, snagging writing jobs between my travels. That all changed when he met me :). After getting me on board with living tiny, I had the idea of renovating an Airstream and here we are. So Nate is still living his tiny living dream, just not in the way he had originally planned.

Nate lives for spontaneity, experiences, and exotic food. If he’s not working on a project, you can find him writing, reading, thrifting, mountain biking, rock climbing, or camping.

About Taylor

I never even considered or heard of tiny living until I met Nate. We started dating when I was in college, and I remember the first time he ever mentioned the idea…It scared me at first to be honest. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to live tiny, or if I was capable of living tiny. But, as I started researching tiny houses, I saw how practical and beneficial it can be. It opened my eyes to how much space really is wasted in “normal” sized houses, and that I don’t have to make a decision on where to live!

When I’m not working as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, you can find me reading, doing yoga, or playing with Summit. Some of my favorite activities to do with Nate include snowboarding, rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, & Netflix marathons. I am a sucker for science fiction and fantasy, pizza, puppies, & Christmas.

About Summit

I am Summit. I’m their 6 year old Goldendoodle. They say I am 55lbs, but I sure I’m probably closer to 10. I am the nicest dog I’ve ever met. I am a big, fluffy bundle of Muppet joy and they can’t imagine life without me. I love tennis balls, stuffed animals, swimming, other dogs, rough housing with Nate, and sleeping in the middle of the bed. They (mainly Taylor) baby me terribly, which I approve of. I’m pretty sure I’m a human.